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Family Office

Family Office provides families with substantial wealth access to an enhanced level of financial management, specialized capabilities, and professional expertise. LANE professionals will give you and your family financial and administrative freedom.

As the advocate, counselor, and trusted advisor to families throughout the United States, we work closely with families and their advisors to manage their affairs and enhance their lives by providing a host of services that range from bill paying to art collection management. The highly experienced staff understands that clients deserve personalized services of the highest quality. Your own trusted, knowledgeable partner becomes your personal Chief of Staff and will deliver the following services:

Accounting Services

  • pay household bills and payroll taxes
  • prepare customized expense reports
  • arrange for financing of homes, boats, etc.
  • assist in opening bank accounts and track loans and interest payments, distributions and partners' capital accounts and arrange for financing of capital calls
  • provide the administration of your Family Limited Partnership
  • maintain the books and records for your private foundation and arrange for your charitable gifts
  • prepare an analysis and summary of your charitable giving categorizing your donations by arts, education, medical, community, and environment, etc.

Personal Services/Life Style Management

  • assist with legal and medical referrals and medical insurance reimbursements for an elderly relative, a special needs child, or an immigration issue
  • open mail on a daily basis
  • provide an appraisal of your art and manage your collection
  • assemble a customized Lifebook containing a list of your advisors, their contact information, bank accounts, investment summary, estate planning summary, current balance sheet and income statement, and an analysis of your charitable donations

Risk Management and Services

  • perform extensive review and present recommendations regarding all of your insurance needs - homeowners, auto, personal property, personal liability and life insurance
  • strategies involving income, gift and estate, retirement and charitable planning will be reassessed to support the ultimate goals of the family

Investment Services

  • consolidated performance reporting for alternative investments
  • coordinate meetings with your investment advisor to review your overall investment plan with regard to income tax (AMT), estate, gift, charitable and retirement planning
  • track the basis of your investments and  work with the second generation to enhance their knowledge of tax, charitable and investment strategies
  • prepare customized financial statements including a balance sheet, income statement and cash flow analysis for you and your family

Tax Services

  • coordinate the income tax preparation for your family and entities
  • complete your income tax organizer and mail your income tax returns to the various jurisdictions and coordinate all associated tax payments 
  • advise you on the most tax efficient business structures (limited liability companies, S-Corps or limited partnerships)
  • become your “back office” by paying bills, etc for your start up business until you are up and running

Estate Planning Services

  • review your current ownership and existing beneficiary designations, develop an estate plan and review your will, making recommendations as necessary
  • prepare an Estate Planning Book summarizing all estate documents; including an explanation of all key provisions, an analysis of assets, tax calculation, and the amount of inheritance for each beneficiary

Whatever the scope, we bring our Firm’s most skilled advisers to meet your needs.  We are creative, proactive and caring in our approach.  Our advisers have long records of achievement and client satisfaction.  With Your Family Office’s help, our clients can focus on their lifestyles while continuing to create additional wealth for future generations without the stress associated with not knowing the direction of their financial life

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